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My impression of blogging as an onlooker

Once upon a time, the only way to gain public recognition was to do something controversial in the public eye or try your best to become the next Beyoncé. Nowadays, however, new tactics lie at the tip of our fingers.
Ah the internet. If only we knew years ago that some of the world’s biggest influencers would be people who spend most of their time behind a screen. I’m sure the world of bloggers and online influencers would be triple the size it is today.
Bloggers are people who regularly write material for blogs. A common stigma attached to the online world of blogging is that these bloggers do nothing to deserve the money that they earn. However, this simply is not the case and what may seem simple to us onlookers and online content consumers, has most likely been thought through and planned to a great degree by these creators.
To have the ability, drive, stamina and patience to establish yourself with an online presence and purpose is something that can only be admired.
Blogging seems like the easiest thing in the world to some people, but surely it would be easier to go out and get a 9-5 job, start earning your money and live a somewhat straightforward life. Why bother spending all of the time and effort on establishing a blog or online business?
The answer is simple. There are so many never ending opportunities that lie out there when we put ourselves forward. Although one of the most daunting things to do, people who put themselves out to be recognised and noticed by the world are reeling in the benefits.
Take Erika Fox, for example, one of Ireland’s youngest and most current online influencers. The Kerry native started out working on her own personal blog, Retro Flame, after completing her degree in college and finally made the leap to travel to New York City on a graduate visa, where she is now working full-time for the company.
With a growing audience, over 70,000 followers on Instagram Erika has without a doubt established herself and her brand tactfully and with great thought and organisation. From YouTube vlogs, written blog posts, photography, events and much more, Erika shows just how much of a 24/7 job blogging is.
I can’t help but ooze respect for the world of online influencers and admire their efforts, hard work and determination at times when I’m sure the desire to quit and walk away from the stress is tempting.
The world can be cruel. Celebrities are more often than not praised for their latest songs, movie roles or hottest product on the market. Whereas, for some strange and unjust reason, it’s much more common to hear of bloggers being verbally bashed for being ‘talentless’.
This stigma needs to be overcome. The world of online influencers is new and up and coming and those who choose to explore it and immerse themselves in it should be respected like those in any other industry.
Perhaps envy is the cause of the negativity towards the industry. It takes skill and strategy to dedicate yourself to something that will either fail or flourish so perhaps the risk of failure becomes too much for some to handle.
Not only are most bloggers establishing a great online presence, but nowadays, most of them are earning decent amounts of money for doing so. From ad revenue, to paid product reviews and the creation of personal brand products, this has proven to be an exceptional way to earn money.
Suzanne Jackson is a Dublin based fashion and beauty blogger with a solid range of products under her belt from false eyelashes, nail varnish and now her very own clothing website entitled “SOSUbySJ”. it is clear that she has successfully turned her passion for blogging into a business. 
However, blogging isn’t always beauty or fashion related. Travel blogs, food blogs, business blogs, health blogs and so many more categories of blogs also exist and can be an amazing source of information for consumers thanks to those who dedicate their time to creating them.
The business of blogging is growing and that is simply down to the success of those who do it and do it well. Blogging is not something that deserves to be bashed or thought of as talentless, but rather a new way of working to establish a personal presence and creating a business.