Student Issues

Graduating to the adult world

Last week was possibly one of the best and most important of my life so far, as I hopped on a plane and headed home for a couple days to receive my university degree.
To say I was excited getting on the plane from Stansted to Shannon was an understatement. As the plane touched down I couldn’t help but smile and the second I stepped back onto Irish soil I had to stop myself from running like a loon into the arrivals area.
I’d only been away for 5 weeks but, as I was constantly reminded, it was the longest I’d ever been away from home.
The reason I came home was, of course, to graduate. To become an official adult who had reached her desired level of education. As the morning of August 25th arrived I began running around getting my hair done and putting my outfit together. On we went to Limerick where I stepped back onto the University of Limerick campus and realised just how much I missed it.
Receiving my degree was a huge deal to me. College, while some of the best years of my life, definitely wasn’t easy. 
Long days in the library, getting the bus at half 7 on dark, winter mornings and writing endless essays are the moments I conveniently leave out when remembering those uni days. 
Instead, when I look back I’m going to remember the friends, the laughs and the pints in the Stables.
My advice to anyone going into their first year this September is to embrace every single minute. Take it in, say yes to everything and just enjoy yourself. 
Some people say your school days are the best of your life, but I completely disagree. Your college days are by far the best days of your life! If I could do it all again I would in a heartbeat.
However hearing the President of UL telling us that we have the potential to be whoever we want to be and that we deserve to live the lives we’ve always dreamed of was sort of inspiring in a completely cringey sort of way. 
Holding that degree closed a massive chapter of my life and turned the page for the beginning of the next one.
From graduating to adulthood, I’m not sure what’s going happen next or where I’m going to go, but that’s all the fun of it right?
Congratulations to everyone in the UL Class of 2015! We did it!