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Geordie f**king shore, series seven – review

The reality show, which is set in Newcastle, returned for series seven and even featured a surprising new face, Sophie’s baby cousin, Marnie, who made a big impact on the house.

The first episode saw the original girls – which includes Celebrity Big Brother winner Charlotte – get really over protective over the boys, after Marnie, a former Miss Newcastle runner up, gets very flirty with them.

Marnie, who is sharing a bedroom with the boys this series, wasted no time trying to get stuck into Scott, even after Holly warned her to stay away from him.

Holly’s jealousy got the better in last night’s episode, even though she put on a fake front, while Vicky wasted no time telling Scott how she really felt about the situation.


Vicky said: “If Marnie and Scott wanna do the dance with no pants, they’ve not got my f**king blessing.”

Holly said that if Marnie slept with Scott then she would be having her ‘sloppy seconds’.

But that didn’t stop Marnie hopping into bed with Scott on her third night, after snogging him on the previous nights.

Elsewhere on the programme, Charlotte got so drunk on the first night in the house it seemed that had forgotten she had a boyfriend.

After Gary, Charlotte’s old love interest, went to bed, she snuck into his room, fell off a bed and proceeded to take off her trousers.

But that’s not the worst of it, she then confused Gary with her current boyfriend Mitch, who she didn’t shut up talking about in series six (set in Australia).


But the Geordie Shore madness didn’t end there, the group decided to make a bucket list, which saw Charlotte get a pet chicken, and James learned to fly.

In typical Geordie Shore style, the show featured ample amount of alcohol and sex throughout, which makes you wonder how their livers are still intact, and how Gary Beadle isn’t riddled with STDs yet.

The premier episode for series seven definitely set the bar for the following programmes and I am sure there are plenty of surprises yet to come.