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Five Exam Tips And Tricks To Help You Ace Your Exams

Five exam tips:

Welcome back to the Monday five here at, where every week we bring you five of the trending stories, films, chart hits and more. As we are a student based website, it would be only fair if we helped you guys out with some exam tips and tricks seeing as the college year is coming to an end fairly quickly.

Below are five tips and tricks to help you prepare for exams;

1. Revise wise:

When it comes to preparing for exams,most lecturers will hold a final class where they give out advice for how to prepare – they might even be so kind as to include the slides from these lectures online as well. And you should listen to them. Use their advice, don’t try to cover all the topics before the exam: if five topics are taught over the semester and two come up on the exam aim to cover three fairly well, and a fourth as back up (if you have the time!). Not everything you’ve covered will be asked on the exam. Look at the topics you understand the most, if you’ve got a grasp on them try and spend more time on the topics you aren’t too comfortable with, that way come exam day you’ll have your bases covered at least.

2. Don’t pull an all nighter:

One of the worst things I did for exams in my first year at college – I pulled an all nighter before my English paper and I was broken after it. I had tried to cram up until the actual exam and once it was over I was exhausted. Don’t try to pull an all nighter for your exams, your body will be broken. It may sound like a good idea in the short term, but in the long term it really isn’t, all the sugar from cans of Red Bull and the caffeine makes you feel wrecked after and I ended up absolutely crashed out after exam season. Not the best way to start the summer.

3. Too many notes:

I think all of us have done this one before, where we’ve spent more time making colorful spider grams or flash cards for exams or spent more time making notes than actually learning what’s on them. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had flashcards with me before an exam only to have to bin them after. Start studying now – don’t leave it until a week before the exam to start. If you have the will power, maybe next semester start making revision notes at the end of each week for your classes, maybe start around week four or five when classes really take shape. At least that way when it comes to exam time, you’ve already done out notes for your topics and all you need to do is go back over them before the exam.

4. Don’t spend all day studying:

Take breaks regularly. Now, I’m not condoning taking a half hour for ten minutes of study. But use the fifty ten ratio. For every fifty minutes of work take ten minutes to get up stretch, make a cup of tea or grab some water or a quick snack and then go back to studying. After three hours take a longer break for half an hour to make food, get out and walk around for ten minutes maybe have a chat with your housemates, ring your mom to light a candle for you. But make time for you and your well-being. Don’t try to spend twelve hours studying inside. If you want to start early maybe go from nine to three. Taking a half hour break at twelve. That way you have your work done for the day and you still have time to go meet friends, go for a walk, get out for some air, go to town, grab something to eat.

5. Don’t let exams get you down:

At the end of the day, these exams don’t define you. Yes it may seem awful to have to repeat in August, but it’s not the end of the world. It is only a small obstacle and you will get through it. Exams can be a very stressful time for any student, so remember to watch out for each other and if you see someone who might need help have a quick chat. Maybe grab a coffee with them or offer to study together if it’s someone in your course or lecture. It’s a hard time for us all but at the end of the day it’s only a week of exams for a degree that will last a lifetime.

So from all of us here at, the very best of luck in your exams.

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