College Life

Thoughts On Life After College As Told By A Final Year Student

Thinking about what to do when my degree is over is scary. It’s a lot of pressure for a young adult. Not only are we faced with final exams that determine our degree, but we also have to think

Many Students Believe The Cost Of Contraception Should Be Shared

Chances are if you are in a long-term relationship, you will be (or at least should be) using contraception. However, there is one pressing question that needs answered: should couples split the cost

Is It Possible To Save And Be A Student?

Trying to manage being in a full time college student, having a social life and working a part time job can be seriously tough work. Having three months off for summer seems great as it gives you a

The Importance of Knowing Your Rights As A Tenant

The name of the student has been changed on request. The best thing about moving out of your family home is the freedom it entails. The majority of people who attend university tend to live on campus

Education With Autism: My Experience

I’d thought for years that I’d never go to college. When I was completing my Junior Cert in school, I worked really hard and gave everything I had into my exams, but for some reason those stellar

Five Exam Tips And Tricks To Help You Ace Your Exams

Five exam tips: Welcome back to the Monday five here at, where every week we bring you five of the trending stories, films, chart hits and more. As we are a student based website, it would