Dixie carter, tna – interview

The National Stadium, Dublin will play host to this event which will include TNA legends such as Hulk Hogan, Somoa Joe, Jeff Hardy. TNA Wresting is currently broadcast in 120 countries worldwide. It is also the top-rated programme on Challenge TV, and can also boast being the highest rated wrestling show for the last decade in Ireland and the UK.

Dixie Carter is president of TNA and is a very impressive and inspirational woman, who stands successfully in a prominently male orientated and driven business.

Dixie kindly took some time to speak to Miriam Doona about the impending tour and her experience of the industry – the evening before renewing her wedding vows in Ireland.

Miriam Doona  TNA is coming to Dublin on 29th January next year, as part of The Maximum Impact Tour. What does your itinerary look like for that visit?

Dixie Carter  We are very excited about this date in Dublin as it is the start of our UK tour. This date is really important to us and the Dublin crowd is always our rowdiest. Dublin people really like to make noise. We want to put on a bigger show and use bigger venues as the people are so amazing. My husband and myself will come into town a day or two earlier, to help with the setting up.

Miriam Doona  Do you and did you find it difficult becoming such a successful woman is a male dominated profession and what was your journey to becoming president of TNA Wrestling?

Dixie Carter  As I am speaking to you now, this day is the 11th anniversary of our very first show. It is a fact that without the UK support we would not be where we are today. I can make the statement that the UK adopted us and helped us overcome our competitors. My personal experience, getting to this place professionally, started by using all resources available to me in college. I became very active on campus, got involved in the college newspaper. I began booking wrestling events and backing promotional events on campus, I took an internship which led to a paying job. I started to work for TNA as a promoter and after two years in I began taking on more responsibility and that is how my role evolved to president.

Miriam Doona  What is a typical day in the office for you?

Dixie Carter  There is never really a typical day for me. The day to day events can be so varied. We could be working on a network deal or planning a tour, as well as organizing merchandise or planning music. My working experience is that no two days are ever the same. Also a day may start out in one way but take a very different turn of events as it progresses. This way of working is not for everyone, but it inspires me.

Miriam Doona  Do you have any advice for anyone out there starting out in business?

Dixie Carter  I would advise that gender or race should never be allowed be a factor in obtaining success and never let anything hold you back. Money can be a huge factor in obtaining an education, of course, but all avenues must be explored, as there are many ways around a lack of funds. Success and obtaining success is a state of mind. You need to use your imagination and big dreams. Also you must persevere, and when you include all these factors and never let go, well the sky is the limit. Also, I strongly advise anyone who is serious about a successful career to avail of every opportunity and amity available and presented to them.

Miriam Doona  Finally, with such a high powered job, what do you do to relax and do you find time to relax?

Dixie Carter  Music and sport are my two passions, and I turn to them to relax. To be completely honest, I am the most relaxed I have ever been right now, here in Ireland. I have been to Cork and Waterford, gone horse-back riding and I am now looking out at the most beautiful lake as I am speaking to you. The people we have met have been so friendly and amazing. This is now my fifth or sixth visit but it is an extended stay this time around. My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. My brother and his wife are celebrating their twentieth and my husband and I, our fifteenth. We are here in Ireland at the moment as we are all renewing our wedding vows tomorrow. My two kids and my brother’s three kids are also with us. It is a real family affair. At the moment I am trying to learn a piece in Gaelic for the ceremony tomorrow and I want to get it right as I will become an honorary Irish woman tomorrow after renewing my vows here in Ireland.

Tickets for TNA Maximum Impact Tour are available here.