A campus christmas carol

T’was the night before Christmas,
And all through,
The Editors were editing,
With excitement and glee.
The contributors were writing,
With research and care,
With the hope of getting it published,
online and out there.
Exams they were looming,
With assignments due in,
But unlike snow on the ground,
The content wasn’t thin.
Interviews with bands, and TV show reviews,
Plenty of sections for students to view.
The latest sports fixtures and Erasmus goss,
From fashion galore to clothes and lipgloss.
Not forgetting College Life and all that comes with it,
To help make life a bit easier, and help you stick with it.
From Political agendas and the USI, some Satire to give you a laugh, 
Sure our best we try.
The sporting fixtures for college and at home,
Katie Taylor and O’Driscoll sitting high on the throne.
The most up to date news and exclusive quotes,
From the water charges protest, to the Marriage Referendum Vote.
Entertainment news with from movies to TV,
And sometimes tickets to stuff,
Which are great cause they’re free!
Lifestyle gave the facts from mental health to STDs,
Educating, informing, aiming to please,
So get on your onesies and check us out,
We’re kind of a big deal, so feel free to shout,
To Santa, to his elves and his reindeer too,
Please join us in 2015 when we’ve got some exciting presents for you!

Photo: MattysFlicks/ Flickr