The end of an era: obama’s most remembered moments in office

The end of an era has come; Barack Obama is set to hand over the keys of the White House to Donald Trump. As some are giving him a fond farewell and others are saying good riddance, we look at the five most favourable moments of Mr Obama’s presidency.
1. Making being POTUS cool.
This man is a social media sensation who is not afraid of a selfie either – the most memorable being with David Cameron. Let’s not forget his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’  and his legendary slow jam performance. The most memorable moment of this year, which will go down history, was the mic drop when leaving the stage at his last White House
Correspondents’ dinner. He is also fond of tweeting and successfully integrated social media into his government as a means of communication.
2. Obama-Care.
One of the significant changes that he leaves behind was successfully passing Obama-Care through Congress and getting it signed into law. The president faced a long and arduous battle to pass Obama-Care through Congress, however,when signed into law in 2010,it benefitted millions of US citizens. His most memorable comment when signing this into law was: “Today we are affirming that essential truth, a truth every generation is called to rediscover for itself, that we are not a nation that scales back its aspirations.”
3. Assassinating Osama bin Laden.
President Obama’s government finished the job that the Bush administration began, which was to find and assassinate the Al-Qaeda leader. In 2011,Mr.Obama addressed the United States, saying that his government had managed to find and kill Osama bin Laden, who was the instigator of murdering “thousands of innocent men,women and children”. After the announcement,President Obama’s popularity grew.
4. Campaigning for stricter gun control.
The president is not afraid to highlight the lack of gun control in the United States; he saw many lives lost by gun violence during his term. In many televised press statements after these horrific events, he was not afraid to display his emotions.
5. Legalising Gay Marriage.
Mr.Obama called for the nationwide legalisation of same-sex marriage in the United States. This also included lighting the White House in rainbow colours to celebrate the passing of marriage equality.
These are just some of the memories and historic changes left behind by Mr Obama. One thing is for sure, he has successfully written himself into history as a legend that will be missed by many people in the years to come.