College Life

Making the most of Freshers Week

Ah Fresher’s- the week that marks the end of summer for some and the beginning of a college journey for others. The most relaxed week you’ll probably have during the year, and it can make or break your semester. With a lot of activities going on throughout the week, it’s easy to lose the run of yourself sometimes. Everything is new and exciting, and for the most part, involves free pizza. So whether it’s your first or last time, here are my top tips to keep you grounded this coming Fresher’s Week.

Join a club or society – and stick to it!

You’ll be sick of hearing this whilst in college, but clubs and societies are a great way to get the best out of your time studying. They are something that can give you a break from academia and can give you an opportunity not only to make friends but to let loose. One of my major regrets was not getting involved when I was in first year – I’m still getting emails from Socs that I signed up for that I thought I’d go to. Pick one, give it a try and it could be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Have a Golden Week!

For those of you who may not know, a Golden Week is where you attend every lecture you have in that week. Start the academic year off right by attending all your introductory lectures. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with your lecturers as well as maybe making a friend in a subject or two that you can rely on in the future. Say hi to someone new, take notes and enjoy your first few days in college.

Meet your roommates/neighbours

Fresher’s Week is a time when everyone is in the same boat. Moving to college at first is daunting and can be even scarier if you’re the only person from your secondary school who has attended that college. This is a perfect time to make friends with the people who you’ll be living with or near for the next year, and if all goes well, they could be your friends for life. So, throw out your inhibitions and just say hello to the person across the hall!

Blag all the free stuff

During the week, you’ll see that there are competitions and giveaways all around campus. Grab pens, wristbands and take advantage of all the stuff that is being thrown at you. I remember in first year that a local café was having a competition in the Student’s Union to see who could guess how many mini marshmallows were in a jar. The prize was a €20 voucher for the café, and myself and my friend kept guessing every half an hour until they eventually gave us the voucher. There’s nothing like a free lunch when in college!

Have fun

Generic as it may seem, college is a time when you can embrace who you are and grow into who you will be. Let down your hair, get stuck in and just enjoy yourself. Figure out what is for you along the way and what isn’t, and as long as no one gets hurt in the process it’ll be an alright few years.