College Life

Five Habits to Keep up After First Year

When you’re a first year, the idea of college and making new friends is exciting. Most of the time, us students are eager to learn and start out on the right foot.

Every.single.semester, I tell myself I’ll retreat to my old first-year ways. Most of the time I don’t, but this semester I have and I’ve found my college life to be so much more productive.

So here are five habits you should keep up after first year.

Actually going to every lecture

First year semester one – you didn’t miss a single class. Fast forward to second-year semester two and you’re struggling to wake up after the 10th alarm. You’re a pro at pressing snooze at this stage.

Starting your assignments early 

Ok, so a bit optimistic to say you’ll start them as you get them, but do give yourself time to plan and find the right material you can use for reference. Lord knows that last minute panic does none of us justice and usually, but not always ends up getting you a bad mark.

Getting the earlier bus

In first year, I can remember arriving 15 minutes before classes, having time for a coffee and a leisurely walk to my 9 am lecture. Do try to keep this up, being late for classes consistently will only fluster you. Plus, depending on your lecturer, they might not let you in.

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Staying involved with societies

In first year you signed up for everything. Perhaps you overestimated how much spare time you’d have BUT do try to stay active in at least one soc. They’re a great way to add to your CV and make new friends.

Doing your readings

I doubt any student can say they do 100% of all required reading. If we did, we wouldn’t have time to shower or eat. Do try to keep up with most of your readings. Having read the material you’ll have a better idea on how to tackle your assignments when they finally roll around.