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Festive know how – hosting the best Christmas house party

The holidays is the perfect time to get all your pals around for a Christmas bash. We students can often miss out on social event with exams an assignment deadlines. Being a host is no easy task – here are our top tips to make your gathering run as smoothly as possible.

Plan your festive drinks

Find someone who’ll say no to a Christmas themed drink. Why not shake up your favourite festive cocktails by lowering or ditching the alcohol content? Here’s a super quick one to add to the recipes book.

Mulled ‘wine’

-Ditch the red wine and choose red grape or cranberry juice

-In your pot, add one litre of your red juice of choice with two cinnamon sticks, eight cloves, a freshly sliced orange and two tablespoons of brown sugar

-Slowly bring to the boil and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.

-Serve in a glass with a fresh orange slice to garnish.

Easy over everything

Don’t complicate things for yourself by planning extravagant nibbles. Elegance can be achieved on minimum effort and budget – us students are ever tactical. Grab a packet of small crackers, some smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber as the vegetarian option. These look the business and they require the most minimum of effort and cash. A few nuts and crisps will keep the picky eaters happy.

Measurements matter

As the host, you’ll be responsible for offering people a top up on their drink. Make sure you’re using correct measurements and not free pouring into your guests glass. Why not screengrab our handy resource below so you know how much you should be pouring?

Don’t forget to have a good time

Hosting guests is hard, but for us students free time is like gold dust so sit back and enjoy the company.