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Trinity med day 2014

Trinity Med Day 2014 , took place last Friday, raising thousands of euro for Trinity’s teaching hospitals across Dublin. This year St. James’ Hospital was the focus, with students raising money for Palliative Care Services, Infectious Disease Investigations, Prostate Cancer Research and Crohn’s Disease Therapy Research. Fundraising took place all day across the city centre, with 400-500 bucket shakers out in force across Dublin city centre, as well as various other events that ran in tandem.

Med Day aims to “help fund vital health services” as well as providing crucial information to the public regarding disease prevention, treatment and cure. The event has been run by medical students in TCD since 2002, and last year raised €46,000 for a variety of causes. It is, of course, hoped that this amount will be increased this year. The secretary of TCD Med Day told me that numbers haven’t become available yet, as text services and raffle competitions are still ongoing. 

Med Day’s presence was obvious on Friday morning; maroon t-shirts were everywhere on Grafton Street, shaking buckets for Med Day. TCDSU president Domhnall McGlacken-Byrne was spotted on the street busking with two other volunteers. The event made use of the typical student fundraiser – a bake sale in the Arts Block and a sponsored swim – but also had a few more unusual events. The Pav, Trinity’s student bar, was the home of a bachelor and bachelorette auction for the night, which was a big success according to the organisers. Add that to the bouncing castles on TCD’s pitches and a specially-themed talent show (“Cry me a liver” by Justin Timberlake, anyone?), one third year student wasn’t wrong when they described the day as ‘like Christmas’.

It seems that Grafton Street has been awash with stern-faced “chuggers” for the last few year, but Med Day still managed to get out there and help raise money for an extremely worthy cause. Having been launched by the committee and Joe Duffy only two weeks ago, the money raised by Med Day has already been considerable. This is due not only to fundraising, but due to the committee’s “nominations” on Facebook.

Students have been encouraged to share something that makes them happy, and donate €2 via text. This is ongoing; to donate to any of the causes Med Day raise money for, you can text MED to 50300. 100% of text costs goes to St. James’s Hospital Foundation’s fund on behalf of Trinity Med Day across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €1.63 will go to Trinity Med Day, in association with the St. James’s Foundation.  

Photo: Trinity Med Day/ Facebook