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The Disconcerting Lack of Lifts in St. Pats, Drumcondra

There have been many complaints made about the on campus accommodation in St Pats Drumcondra. Most hoped that DCU incorporation would lead to better living conditions and modern renovations on the residences built in the 1960’s. However, the lack of lifts in the houses still causes daily problems for many first-year students. In 2018, elevators are something we often take for granted. However, students living in Pats are forced to trail up flights of stairs to get to their rooms.

This is a huge problem, especially when the future teachers of the country are returning to the capital on a Sunday evening. This problem deeply affects Grainne Mullins, a first year Bachelor of Education student, “I always have to limit what I bring to college as I know I can only carry so much up to the third floor.”

Other popular colleges have installed lifts, while residents in Glendalough, Bangor and Clonmacnoise continue to live in the dark ages. Ms Mullins was impressed by other student residencies and their modern layouts. “My friends in other colleges such as UCD and UL don’t have this problem as their campus accommodation has elevators.”

When interviewed, students from other third level institutions were shocked by the lack of elevators in the houses – renamed Houses 1, 2, 3 … instead of the historic Irish names – in Drumcondra. Caitlin Loftus Kavanagh, a first year BA student in Maynooth gave her thoughts: “I am shocked to hear of the lack of lifts in St. Patrick’s College, DCU. Lifts are a vital, everyday service made available to students in other third level institutions and ensure the general smooth running of their days and easy travelling. It does not seem fair that this is not available to the students of Pats.”

This is not a problem specific to Pats. Students living on the DCU Glasnevin Campus also experience this daily problem. Both Larkfield and Hampstead lack lifts. Students hope that this problem will be resolved in time and that these student residencies will begin to move with the times, ensuring a long and bright future for the houses and the students in them.

DCU SU President Niall Behan is aware of the problems and realises that something needs to be done to make life easier for the students of 2018 and for future generations of Irish trainee teachers.

“I know that the accommodation was on the St. Pats College campus for over 40 years and the students there always brought up the fact it was outdated. Since DCU has been incorporated they have made strides to improve the accommodation with new bathrooms and insulation put into the old buildings.”

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