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Survey shows majority of young people would rather receive contraceptive advice online

The ‘Let’s Type About Sex’ survey conducted by LloydsOnlineDoctor questioned 474 Irish men and women about their sexual health. The study found that 68% of respondents under the age of 24 revealed they would prefer to receive contraceptive advice online rather than speaking to a doctor face-to-face.
Meanwhile, the desire to get information and advice over the web wasn’t restricted to the under-24 age group. Over a quarter of all respondents expressed the same preference.
Despite this type of advice being readily available from a number of sources, including GPs and sexual health clinics, 30% of the people surveyed said that online research was the best way to get advice on contraception.
Commenting on the findings, Medical Director for LloydsOnlineDoctor, Tom Brett, said: 
“It’s a common assumption that the majority of people would prefer to visit their doctor or local family planning clinic for contraception and sexual health advice. However, as the results of this survey show, a large percentage of young people feel more inclined to get this information online.
“Gone are the days when seeking advice about sex online was considered unreliable. This stigma has now been lost and a rising number of people are turning to the internet to get clued up about their sexual health.”
The survey also revealed an insight into parents’ attitudes when it comes to discussing contraception options with their children. More than one in ten parents (12%) said they are  ‘currently undecided’ as to whether they would broach this subject with their kids, while 4% would avoid the conversation altogether.
Interestingly, 22% of respondents under the age of 18 noted that they consider talking to a close friend to be the best way to get information about