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Su profile: dún laoghaire institute of art, design and technology

What is your manifesto for the upcoming year?
This year I am aiming to improve on the space and facilities available to students in IADT. I am also aiming to gather statistics on students’ needs and wants in everyday life in college, as well as running campaigns around voter registration, dyslexia and learning styles and sexual and mental health.
What do you hope to achieve over the next year?
A space for the students to socialise after 9pm and also to build the Union brand up with local venues and sponsors.
What do you feel your team’s strong points are?
We are so lucky that each member of the team has such passion. I think we are very welcoming and relatable and have a visible passion and care for what we do. 
Our National Student Survey results showed that approximately 50% of students have considered dropping out, with nearly one quarter of students citing mental health concerns as the main reason for their consideration. What do you make of this statistic?
There is so much financial and background pressure on the students. With SUSI thresholds being the way it is along with the accommodation crisis and cost of day to day living- I think this study shows these factors are destroying the student experience and their education.
Do you think that the mental health services in your college are adequate to meet students’ needs?
Yes they are. We have great staff.
The National Student Survey also showed that 23% of students who considered dropping out cited the reason that the course wasn’t what they expected it to be. What steps do you think a college or Students’ Union could take to help potential students know what to expect from their course?  
Taster courses or meet and greet sessions with a full class of 3rd/4th year students. Also, a student commentary platform. Secondary schools have I don’t understand why colleges don’t have the same platform. 
Our National Student Survey revealed that nearly 60% of students stated that they either have or would like to make a complaint about the standard of lecturing in their college. What do you make of this? Do you think there is a way to tackle this problem?
That is a shocking figure. Our classes are so small we are very lucky with that, but the SU and college will always take these complaints seriously. I would imagine big class sizes offer less one on one tuition.
For freshers and students interested in getting involved in college life and societies, what advice would you give to them?
Talk to the SU. There is so much going on on campus and there’s definitely something for everyone. I would advise them to join societies and touch base with us even on Facebook.
Our National Student Survey showed that 34% of students felt that their Students’ Union was just average, not effective, or was not familiar with their Students’ Union at all. What steps would you implement this year to ensure that this statistic decreased?
I think a lot of people don’t necessarily know about the restrictions put on the SU. Any SU is only as strong as the student voice behind it. I would implement transparency to every student- not just letting Class Reps know what we can/ cannot do. The students can’t help unless the SU actively informs them and invites them to take part in fighting for what they need.
With major college events organised by college Students’ Unions promoting safe sexual health throughout the year, where you shocked that our survey showed that 93.35% of sexually active students have not been tested for an STI?
That is a truly shocking figure. It is sad. I think a lot of people still hold the ‘not me’ mentality and in some cases are embarrassed to go for a check. I think we should be looking at free STI checks on campus as part of a bigger campaign. Clearly (and I would be interested in knowing how many students were surveyed) posters and campaigns are not working for these students. 
What is your opinion on the state of the student accommodation crisis today? Does your college offer any facilities or services that will help students who are having trouble finding sufficient accommodation?
We don’t have a means to do so. I think the accommodation crisis is horrific. With so many empty buildings in Dublin just sitting there- it is a shame on the Irish Government that they are not actively addressing this. Leaving it to the college won’t help- their funding is cut too. People are dropping out or not taking places in college because they can’t afford or find homes. This should be one of the main priorities of our Government. 
What are your opening hours?
What is the easiest way for students to contact you?
Through facebook at IADT SU and soon on