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Students Will Face Shorter Wait For CAO Offers

This year’s Leaving Cert students will find out if they got a college offer four days earlier than previous years.

Central Applications Office (CAO) offers will now be released 48 hours after students receive their Leaving Cert exam results.

Students in previous years received their results on a Wednesday and received their offers the following Monday at 6am, meaning they faced an agonising five day wait and sleepless Sunday night.

This year, Leaving Cert results will be out on Tuesday, August 13th and offers will be made Thursday 15th at 2 pm.

‘Obviously, it’s better than previous years. It lessens the time-frame you have to overthink the worst possible outcome so this reduces anxiety levels,’ said Evie Hogan, who will be one of the Leaving Cert students receiving their results in August.

It was initially announced that offers would be made Friday 16th but many third level colleges urged to have the date changed. Friday offers would mean that staff would need to be present in third level offices over the weekend to answer questions and concerns.

The State Examinations Commission are putting in efforts to speed up the appeals process for students unhappy with their Leaving Cert grades. This comes after aspiring veterinary student, Rebecca Carter, took High Court action concerning the timing of her wrongly corrected results being appealed.

Due to the timing of the process, Carter would have had to wait until the following academic year to attend the course in University College Dublin (UCD) because places for the current year had already been filled.

Carter won the case and took her place in UCD for that year. The date for result of appeals also changed to the week beginning September 16th, one month after the first round of CAO offers and three weeks earlier than last year.

These dates mean that students who have their marks wrongly marked will be granted a place if their adjusted marks are within the point bracket. However, the system still has flaws as these students will start college later than the rest of their classmates, missing orientation and possibly the first week of lectures.