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Students Protest Accommodation Increase In DCU

Shanowen shakedown- By Laura Smith
Unreasonable, unfair, the student accommodation price hike, 27%, developers, rent increase.

These are the words most used in a student’s vocabulary this week. Why? The developers of the Shanowen Hall and Shanowen Square have rattled the feathers of many DCU students feathers this week after their unreasonable price increase of 27%.

The price of Shanowen Square for the 18/19 academic year is over €9,000, working out at €1,000 a month. Back in 2013/14 and for 2014/15 Shanowen square was €4,900, the price is nearly double many years later.

This is the current prices of for the accommodation:

Shanowen Hall 2017/18 – €7134
2018/19 – €8725

A 22.3% increase.

Shanowen Square
2016/17 – €6520
2017/18 – €7340
2018/19 – €9095

A 23.9% increase.

Enough is enough. Students have to pay for fees, transport, food shopping all the while trying to survive this college life. A huge rent increase is not necessary.

DCUSU, TDSU and many TD’s created a petition to create awareness of this price hike and the stress it would cause to students and parents.

DCUSU protested outside Shanowen Square and Shanowen Sall on Thursday March 29 and used social media to raise their concerns about this issue. The #shanowenshakedown trended in Ireland and many stories of students having to pay this rent.

Some students’ physically can’t commute to college and as a result, have to rent. But with this extra financial pressure, many students may have to drop out of college and give up their dreams of studying at DCU. Many students live five hours away from college and would be travelling more than actually attending a lecture hall. This is unrealistic. Students choose these student accommodations as it is ideal for going to DCU, but many incoming first years will be quickly changing their CAO due to this accommodation hike.

I myself am a DCU student and this is outrageous. I have lived on campus for the first two years at college (which I really enjoyed), but Shanowen would not to be on cards for living arrangements. Neither student accommodations have seen improvements in the facilities; some students living in Shanowen don’t have regular access to hot water or Wi-Fi.

Empty lecture halls, a dull atmosphere and a student’s hopes and dreams shattered due to this Shanowen accommodation price increase. This is the future of education if Shanowen don’t change their ways.

Well done to everyone so for on this campgain, DCUSU and many other figures are doing their upmost best for the students at DCU.

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