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Student discounts to help you save money

However your college woes will soon be eased, as the good folk over at have put together the top ten ways to make your cash stretch a little further.
Technology Needs
It’s a given that all students need access to the Internet. From researching assignments, to keeping in touch with your mates and even listening to some music. However as we know, technology doesn’t come cheap. In order to get a little more bang for your buck, you can now avail of up to 10% off Apple products exclusively with  But not only that, Apple will also throw in a free pair of Dre Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones when you purchase a Mac. It’s a win, win.
Getting Away
If you’re like us and you’re sick of hearing how students “live the high-life” and “everyday is a holiday”, when in actual fact, everyday is not a holiday, and we do need a little time off sometimes, then do your research. Sites like LivingSocial and Groupon offer great short holidays and get-aways at unbeatable prices.
Often, we tend to spend a lot more money than necessary on travel expenses – especially if you live in a big city. While buses are a cheaper alternative to driving, they’re certainly not free, and you can sometimes feel a bus-shaped hole in your wallet at the end of the week. With a Student Leap Card, you can hop on and off the bus and save up to 27% on your fares.
Not only that, but Student Leap Card holders can enjoy over 100 discounts in an array of places such as Boojum, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and KC Peaches.
“Do you do student discount?”
You can feel the eyes rolling of a cashier before you even utter the words, but don’t be afraid to ask if they do student discount. Sometimes, you can find the most unlikely discount in somewhere you never even considered. After all, the worst they can do is say “no.”
Shop Smart
It’s not only ladies who enjoy a good saving when they’re clothes shopping. Even if it is only a euro off a €10 handbag. It’s almost like a little victory. But it’s often difficult to justify spending money on clothes, bags or shoes when you know it’s rent-day next week. Make it a little more affordable with 15% off Fresh Cuts clothing online, with
We’ve all been there, typing furiously after ten cups of coffee, counting how many hours until your essay is due and then calculating the percentage of marks you’ll lose if you go for a nap and hand it in late, when your WiFi signal goes. Who knew five little bars would become so important? Make sure this doesn’t happen to you as with you can avail of half-price Mobile Broadband with superfast 4G Internet with Meteor.
Eating Out and Caffeine Needs
Beans on toast again? We all need a little variety in our lives. However it doesn’t have to be five-star dining with extortionate pricing to satisfy your needs. Grab your mates and head to ITSA Bagel and enjoy one of their fresh, delicious bagels for 10% off with
It’s a well known fact that students run on WiFi and coffee, but a cup a day can really add up at the end of the week. Costa Coffee offer student leap card holders, 10% off a coffee. Get the bus to Costa Coffee, and you’re already making two savings. You can buy us a coffee as a thanks too!
College Work on the Go
Assignments are often done in the oddest places; on a bus, on the couch, even sitting on the toilet! Over at, they understand time is precious, so in order to do your assignments on the go, you can save 10% on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It’s got the performance of a premium laptop, but the mobility of a lightweight tablet.
Joining a Gym
Believe it or not, a lot of gyms offer ridiculously good student deals, so don’t be afraid to do your research. Or even better, your own college might have its own gym. To sort you out with all of your gym needs, such as runners, sports bras and tracksuits, and Lifestyle Sports have teamed up to offer students 15% off on over 3,000 sports performance and sports style products. With brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Lacoste and American Freshman to choose from, make sure to shop at
(The Dreaded) Rent
Our least favourite kind of spending, but it can be made pretty painless if you do your research. Head over to to find out where you can get the best rent at affordable prices.
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