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Nuig students petition for less investment into fossil fuels

Next Tuesday, students  from the Climate Change, Agriculture & Food Security (CCAFS) Society of NUI Galway will present a petition of over 1,000 signatures to their University President, Dr. Jim Browne, about fossil fuel investments in the University.

The CCAFS recently published a report that highlighted the €3.4 million worth of shares that NUI Galway has invested in companies such as Gazprom and Statoil. 

Auditor of the CCAFS Society, and Director of the Fossil Free Campaign, Colm Duffy, highlighted why it is important for NUI Galway to take the lead among Irish Universities on this issue:

“If it is wrong to wreck the planet, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage. Our University has praised the efforts of its researchers in their work on sustainability, and rightly so. However, it is hypocritical to, on the one hand, seek to be a global leader in sustainability, and on the other directly fund the efforts of fossil fuel companies. There is a real opportunity for NUI Galway to take the lead here, and possibly start a cascade effect among Irish Universities”. 

NUI Galway Students’ Union fully support the campaign for divestment. 

Students’ Union President Jimmy McGovern added: 

“NUI Galway Students’ Union support the demands for NUI Galway to divest from fossil fuels. Our unique campus is home to some of the most educated minds in our society, and with that education should come civic and social responsibility, and leadership in social change. Our University must lead by example in working toward the betterment of our environment and planet. We encourage all students and staff to engage with this campaign.”