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New Report Reveals Over A Third Of Irish Students Face ‘Financial Difficulties’

A new report has shown that over a third of students in Ireland reportedly face very serious financial problems.

The survey, conducted by Eurostudent survey, involved 10% of all students attending college in Ireland and revealed some disconcerting figures.

The Eurostudent Survey reports on higher-education life for students across 30 countries, and the Irish edition revealed that almost half of full-time college students work during the academic term, and half of those who do work say they could not afford college without it.

According to RTÉ, the survey also showed that students who work during their college years miss out on valuable study time as well.

The number of working students in Ireland is quite high, with 47% of under-graduate and 56% of post-graduate students working to cover the costs of higher-education here in Ireland.

The survey also highlighted a clear link between the level of parental education and the financial stability of the student; those with higher educated parents tend to feel more financially stable.

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