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Letterkenny it students’ union creates innovative new employment scheme

Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) is set to launch a new employment scheme later this month which directly connects local employers and businesses within Letterkenny to college students.
The Business Employment Scheme for Students (BESS) programme, organised by Letterkenny IT Students’ Union, “was designed to enable students and businesses to engage with each other for the purpose of providing part time/ temporary jobs for students.”
As part of the pilot programme, businesses within Letterkenny are urged to make contact with the Students’ Union President, Dylan McGowan, or the careers officer within Letterkenny IT, and let them know of the available vacancy.
The vacancy will then be advertised to Letterkenny IT students through, “Facebook, emails, jobs lists and also word of mouth amongst the students,” with the SU President acting, “as a point of contact to advertise the available positions to the students.”
In a statement regarding the initiative, Letterkenny IT Students’ Union said, “This is an opportunity for students and local businesses to develop stronger links with one another. Students become the employees, businesses provide the employment,” the statement read.
“The Chamber of Commerce will act as facilitators and will be the key stakeholders in bringing this movement together. As the student population grows in the region, businesses will grow, make profit and may need to employ additional staff. 
LYIT and the economy around Letterkenny is growing and this is a chance to work together in continuing, maintaining and increasing growth around the area,” the statement continued.
The union also noted the significance of the BESS programme for financially crippled students.
“College fees are at an all- time high, which can cause financial difficulty for students. In some cases, students, as a result, are forced to drop out,” they commented.
“Community engagement between students and businesses to provide employment, can help students to maintain financial stability when attending college/ university,” they added.
Additionally, Letterkenny IT was keen to emphasise the benefits the new scheme will bring for participating businesses within the local area.
“The BESS Movement gives employers access to the skilled student population. The goal is to provide local businesses with employees that meet their required needs, be it a web designer or lab technician.
“The BESS Movement also enables businesses to advertise their vacancies free of charge,” the statement concluded.
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Speaking ahead of the launch at the end of the month, Mr. McGowan said, “Hopefully businesses will jump on board with this as it’s a win-win scenario for both parties. Launch date is on the 21st of September, email or call if you’re interested in knowing more.”
Letterkenny IT also praised the Students’ Union President for creating the student employment scheme.
“Looking forward to the launch of the BESS Movement. This is a great initiative shown by the LYIT Students’ Union President, Dylan McGowan and his colleagues. Any business interested in learning more about this initiative should contact Dylan or anyone at the Students’ Union,” they said.
The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) also backed the initiative, commenting online that it, “will attempt to reduce financial difficulties for students and provide employees for businesses within the Letterkenny and Killybegs region.”
The programme will be launched September 21 in Letterkenny IT.