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It’s our one young world

“If the leaders of the world don’t lead, then you must make them follow.” Kofi Annan

“One Young World” is about looking beyond the immediate problems facing us, with a single aim in mind. “One Young world is a family – with our main concern being the well-being and future of our children”, said Kate Robertson, Co-Founder of One Young World.


One Young World connects the brightest young minds and presents their concerns, opinions and solutions to those in power, both in government and in business. After a successful inaugural summit in February 2010, the organisers are now looking for the very best young leaders to take part in the second One Young World Summit from September 1 – 4 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Last February’s One Young World summit saw 823  young adults from 114 countries descend on London in a summit opening with a ceremony featuring a choir of 200 6-11 years olds. The delegates were introduced to the Summit councillors, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, activist and musician, Bob Geldolf and Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, and others of a similar calibre of statesmanship.  Archbishop Tutu told the delegates, “Young people are fantastic. You dream dreams of a world without war. You dream dreams, and you say ‘Let us make poverty history.”

Delegates spoke warmly of the inspiration and support that the counsellors provided. One delegate shared this, “I will never forget being introduced by Kofi Annan and having him stand alongside me as I made my points.  I will never forget that moment and I realise the responsibility that his support places on me.”  The summit wasn’t all just conferences and talks though, the young delegates were also shown the sights of London, including the construction underway at the London 2012 Olympic Park.

The six topics for the 2010 summit sessions were selected by the Founders on the basis of the issues regarded as most serious and most pressing in the Global Consultation Process. The sessions saw intense debate, discussion and of course inspirational speeches on the six topics; the environment, Inter-faith issues, the role of Global Business in society,  the changing identity of the Media, The Global Health Agenda and developing Leadership for a Positive Future.

After the first summit, each delegate was designated a One Young World Ambassador and now has the responsibility of speaking publicly for One Young World in their country, particularly in their workplace or their place of learning. It is also the responsibility of the ambassadors to publicise the future summits, to which they themselves may return as Delegates.

One Young World founders are looking to hear from those who know of or consider themselves to be an outstanding young leader.  Candidates must be born on or after 1985 and should complete the form as soon as possible as founders will begin to process applications from 31st March.  Each delegate place costs €3,000 which will cover the price of flights, accommodation, transport in the host city, sustenance and the cost of attending at the Summit itself.  Candidates should indicate their position regarding their ability to raise financial support for their place.

Businesses and academic Institutions can sponsor employees or students who they have what it takes and candidates can also receive sponsorship from their governments and Ministries of Youth.


You can find a link to the form here