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It’s Easy Being Green in DCU

Last week DCU (Dublin City University) hosted their Green Week, which started on Monday 18th February and ran until Thursday 21st.

The week was organised by DCU’s Student Union in collaboration with DCU’s Sustainable Living Society. This is not the first Green Week DCU has held, the first taking place last year.

“It was a successful week from our perspective, yes. We collaborated with the SU as it is their initiative but we help a couple of events which went very well,” said a member from DCU’s Sustainable Living Society.

Many events took place over the four days, across both the Glasnevin Campus and St. Patrick’s Campus.

On Monday there was an SU green audit on both campuses, a botanical garden walk and a screening of ‘Just Eat It”. A bike clinic, FEAST and a compostable cup Shite Nite took place on Tuesday. The Green Wee Market and Nu Swap Shop both took place on The Street on the Glasnevin campus on Wednesday. On Thursday there was a zero waste cooking food demo and panel.

The Sustainable Living Society held a Green Week Fair in the U, an event which many students were able to take part in. They had a variety of vendors at the fair, including reuzi, EarthMother and NOMS, who were happy with the conversations that they had with students who had come to the fair.

Last year in March, DCU announced that they had put plans in place to become completely plastic free by 2020. The Sustainable Living Society believe that there is still so much to do in the sustainable department, they are continually working to phase out single-use plastic.

There will be segregated bins introduced into all campus accommodation and student residents are receiving recycling workshops to try to raise awareness of sustainability within the college. The society is receiving a Fairtrade certificate next week.

Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin also took part and held a Green Week in their universities.