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Here’s What You Missed: Weekly News Round Up

According to new findings, revelaed by the Journal, just under half of people have said that they will be voting to repeal the 8th Amendment in the upcoming referendum, though 1 in 5 are still unsure as to how they’ll vote in the referendum that will take place on May 25th.

The full results revealed that 47% of people are in favour of repeal, 28% are not in favour, 20% are not sure how they’ll vote, and the remaining 4% refused to comment on the matter as of yet.

Ireland woke up to blue skies again this morning, following a fabulous day yesterday, that has been tipped on Twitter as “#thewarmestdayoftheyear” so far. The weather over the coming week will be unsettled and rather changeable (what’s new?!), however the amount of rainfall due is below normal levels in the east and south.

The Shanowen Shakedown continued this week as DCU students staged a demonstration at Dáil over rent increases. Students of Dublin City University protested outside the Dáil as the TD’s sat for the first time since before Easter. Student representatives, such as TCDSU President, Kevin Keane and USI President Michael Kerrigan, gave their support to the DCU protest that is now the third in the Shanowen Shakedown saga. The students are protesting for the creation of a rent cap on student accommodation the prevent large price hikes.

In other UCD news, the UDCSU have recently revealed changes to the UCD exam repeats fee on Facebook during the week. The post outlines how after negotiations between UCD and the SU, they have resulted in reducing resit exam fees to €180 down from the previous €230- cutting €50 per exam. This reduction is the first UCD has seen in over 10 years and comes after a motion passed in 2015 where the SU President and Education Officer at the time pledged to use resources to reduce the fees.

Dublin Institute of Technology has one of the higher number of repeat exams compared to many other universities across Ireland. At €100 euro per resit, the students of DIT are suspecting that this is one of the main reasons DIT has made such a large sum of money, with a total income of €184,790 from student resit fees in the 2016/2017 year.