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Dublin and Cork Hold The Highest Number of Employed Graduates

Things are looking up for Irish university graduates, as 54% of last year’s graduates are currently employed in Ireland.

According to a survey released by the Higher Education Authority today, the majority of Irish university graduates are employed in Dublin and Cork.

The survey, which included 18,000 graduates, showed that not only are employment prospects increasing for Irish graduates, but also that 54% of graduates from 2016 are employed in Ireland.

31% of the graduates in further education, 8% are employed abroad, 5% are seeking employment and 3% are unavailable to work.

Dublin holds the highest percentage of graduates employed with 42% working in the capital. 17% are employed in the South West region, with the midlands and and Border region holding 5%.

Although the survey did not include graduates from Institutes of Technology, the HEA expects to extend the survey to Institute of Technology graduates from next year.

While the survey highlights how things are improving for graduates, there is also concern at the disparity of their employment, specifically around the Midlands region, where the graduate employment rate is quite low.

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