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Dit graduate proposes rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossings to city council

DIT graduate Dale McDermott has outlined three specific locations where the Rainbow Walks could be installed, in the hope to increase tourism, culture and to further boost the LGBT credentials the city has achieved in recent years. 
The city centre locations include George’s Street, outside City Hall and Panti Bar on Capel Street.
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“Following the successful passing of the Marriage Equality referendum, Ireland and especially Dublin is now seen as a beacon of hope around the world for many LGBT people who come from places less than welcoming to their gay citizens.
“The LGBT community has been welcomed with open arms by the people of Ireland and I feel that this would further bolster the support for LGBT people across Dublin City and the world,” said Mr McDermott.
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Having seen these rainbow coloured pedestrian crossings during a recent visit to the Castro District in San Francisco, Dale emphasised how much of a tourist attraction they are.
“I really feel that Dublin could seriously benefit from such a simple yet important and colourful touch to our beautiful city. Cities all over the world, from Tel Aviv to Sydney, have installed Rainbow Walks and given the fact that Dublin is now viewed as a prime location for gay people, this will send a further signal that Dublin is welcoming to LGBT people all over the world,” he explained.
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Since the proposal was first submitted to the Council in September, Dale admits that public support has been ‘absolutely fantastic’. 
“There has been a lot of support from people across all parties and Panti Bliss herself is also very much behind the proposal,” he revealed.  
Having only launched the social media campaign this week, Dale admits that he purposely waited to create an online presence in the hope to drum up public support. 
“Well, when I first submitted the proposal I wanted to get a discussion going. There’s always the danger that when you prolong a campaign it will drag on, but in this incidence I feel it has worked well and it seems the public are definitely getting behind it.
“The proposal is going in front of the Council in early January/ February, and in my opinion there’s always the worry that Councillors may not necessarily vote for something if it does not have the public support. However people feel that this is a very modern idea,” he added.
For further information about Dale’s proposal, you can visit the Dublin Rainbow Walk Facebook and Twitter page.