College News

Dcu launch mental health campaign

The campaign titled “Mental Wellbeing Week”, was proposed and organised by the college’s student union.

The aim of this campaign is to raise student awareness about mental health and try and remove the stigma that is attached to people who suffer from depression or anxiety.

The week consists of a number of different events from workshops on how to cope and deal with stress in college to human foosball being played outside the Henry Grattan building.

The Union Students of Ireland published a report this week finding that more than 73% of students have suffered from depression or anxiety in relation to college costs.

Many students are faced with huge financial burdens in college with the high cost of rent and with the college registration fee currently standing at €3,000.

Due to these worries the Students Union started holding events like the ones previously mentioned in 2012 and it has been warmly received by the students.

A number of students agreed that it had been a hugely successful week so far in terms of events to attend, with one saying, “there’s a more fun atmosphere in DCU at the moment.”

Wellbeing events are set to conclude in DCU on Friday, the day before World Mental Health day on Saturday 10th.