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Breaking News: The Eighth Amendment Committee Votes In Favour of Repeal

Today the Eighth Amendment Committee voted in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment. 

This follows after several meetings of the committee over the last while, in which they were discussing whether to repeal or amend the law. Today, following a vote, they voted to repeal it. 

14 of the 21 members voted in support of repealing, while 6 voted against, and the chairperson of the committee abstained from the vote. 

While the results of this vote are not legal just yet, according to the, this is a huge step for the Repeal side. 

This means now that the referendum which will be held in early 2018 will be based on a motion of repealing the amendment. 

The Eighth Amendment has been enshrined in Irish law for 34 years. There have been three referendums to amend the consitituional law in 1992 and 2002.

The referendum in 2018 will decide the fate of the law. 

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