College Life

A letter to final year you

College Life editor Laura Smith look’s at a letter she would give to her final year self. Work hard in silence and let the success be the noise. As you enter final year your time as a caterpillar has expired your wings are now ready to fly into this world.

So you’re entering the final year of college in a matter of months- Wow… Great! For some people, it will be their last time taking notes in a lecture hall, for others it can be joyful and also daunting feeling and those 9 am starts you soon realise aren’t all that bad because the thing with college is it is over so fast. One minute you’re up at 6 am on a Monday morning in August accepting your dream college course from CAO and next, you’re into final year. (Sorry but is there a pause button?)

I know you seem scared and frightened but please note you don’t peak in your 20’s, you don’t need that 1:1 or that 2:1 to be happy, you don’t need to find ‘the one’ in college just please enjoy the last few vital moments of your undergrad. It’s okay if you don’t know whether to go into full-time work for the next year or if you don’t get a job at all in what you did at college- IT’S OKAY. If you want to go aboard- GO! Don’t look back when your ninety and realise you could have done it differently.

Don’t put pressure on yourself this year – I know that your thesis/ placement/ assignments may feel overwhelming but relax. Go to the gym, still read the novels, still socialise (Yes you can still party hard but those after parties aren’t good for the next day when you’re sleeping until noon). Just have fun, remember?

It’s okay if you find what you love when your fifty – At least you’re doing something you love. Do something you love and it won’t be work. I know you don’t know whether to apply for that masters you always hope you would do straight after qualifying or if you really see yourself at that job you got a taste for out on placement the main thing is you have your degree and that is your passport through life.

The thing is we won’t actually realise it will be out last time walking into the gates of college or using your student card for those all-important discounts. We don’t realise that drinking from mid-afternoon is just in the bubble of college life and the working world is in its own league. The permeant job or being engaged within three years after college finishing college is not a must- again relax you’re doing your very best.

I know you never liked the exam hall feeling or the overwhelming feeling of work- Yes you told yourself one hundred times how you will drop out of college but here you are walking into final year. You got through those modules back in the first year you thought you would never survive. You passed the exams and those late night trip to the library were all worth it.

So if you’re heading into the final year- hit the ground running and show the college what final year can make of you, because deep down you know you can handle whatever these last two semesters throw at you. You’re exactly where you need to be right now and you’re going by your own clock. Don’t put pressure on yourself.

You got this!!! The world is your oyster. Play this game called life.

Yours sincerely,

Final year you.