College Life

A Commuters Guide to College

For many of us, the commute to college can be the bane of our existence, especially when we’re on the way to our 9 am lecture. Here’s your Campus guide to surviving the college commute.

Be organised 

I’m talking lunch prepared the night before, clothes out hanging on the outside of your wardrobe, power bank charged up (have a spare one in your bag just in case as a backup!), every detail needs to be done from the night before. When you’re up at 6 am or even before that you don’t have time to do these things in the morning. So preparing from the night before will be a game changer for you. Have your bag packed and ready to go in the morning.


Yes, when your alarm goes off first thing in the morning it’s far from pleasant but ensure you do get to bed early and get plenty of sleep. It gets easier over time once you’re keeping on top of your sleep.

The journey itself 

Unfortunately, if you’re driving to college you can’t read on your way to college but tune in to the radio stations to see if there is any you need to know about the journey ahead. If you’re travelling by train or by bus, bring a novel or look over your lecture notes on the way to and from college. Having a set of headphones and listening to music will also make the journey more enjoyable. The joys of using public transport means you can get a little nap on the bus too- it’s a win-win.

Don’t worry about it affecting your studies 

When I first started commuting I was so worried I’d fall behind on my studies because of travelling but really, if anything your grades will improve. When I was renting I was nonstop literally living my best life and constantly going out so now when I’m commuting I can go out on the weekend and still balance it all. So don’t worry about the commute affecting the studying, it really won’t.

Social life

Okay so you may not be able to go to Coppers on a Tuesday for a number of reasons (finding a place to stay, packing an extra bag etc.) But this isn’t an essential part of college life. You can still have fun and do extra activities with your college friends too. For clubs and soc’s you still can join societies and take part in events sometimes some events go on until all hours of the night and you might miss the last train or bus home but there is so much more to bring to a society.