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6 Things Only a Maynooth University Student Will Understand

Ah, Maynooth. Big enough to be a nice change from secondary school, small enough to (without a doubt) meet someone on your walk of shame home. Every University is unique and Maynooth is no different. Here are some things that only a Maynooth student would know or understand.


1. On Wednesdays we… go to Brady’s.

Every self-respecting Maynoothian will know that Wednesday nights are for one thing and one thing only; dancing the night away in Brady’s Clockhouse. But make sure to be there before 10 (9.30 on highly anticipated nights such as first and last Wednesdays of the semester) if you want guaranteed entry.

Bradys Pub – Maynooth. Credit infomatique


2. The 66 Dublin bus time table is basically made up and non- existent. Endless waiting at Londis has made taught me to never trust the time table and look at the real-time information instead. And buy a leap card, you’ll thank me one day.

3. If you want a seat in the library during exam season, you best be prepared to be up at the crack of dawn. The library in Maynooth is always busy but at exam time? That’s a whole other ball game. Be prepared to walk around aimlessly before finding a seat. And if you do find one? Best not leave it unattended for longer than a half hour.

4. Christmas Day means something completely different when referenced in Maynooth University. So if your mate says he was up since 6 finishing an assignment on Christmas Day, don’t be alarmed.

5. The library cat and the fox on the main street are a match made in animal heaven. You’ll spot these animals throughout your time at MU and if you’re feeling generous, might share some of your chips from Maximus with the fox after a night out in The Roost.

6. You’re extremely proud of South Campus and how pretty it is. You compare it to Hogwarts on a regular basis and swear that the two are basically the same thing. There is no difference.


The South Campus, Maynooth University


All in all, you’re proud to call Maynooth your home for most of the year, mostly.