This is positive news all round.

Yesterday, students across the country received their Leaving Cert results after an agonizing wait all summer. Like many years, some were happy, and some were not. There were a few who reached maximum points available, but at the other end of the scale, there were fewer fails.

According to the Irish Times, this lower rate of fails can be attributed to the new grading system. The new system, which reduced the grades from 14 to 8, was aiming to be more generous to students all round, and it seems to have done just that. 

The previous E grade meant recipients of the grade received zero points, but now when students score between 30-39% on an exam, they receive 37 points. Failure of a subject ensured no points, which broought down a student's average result and could directly affect their chances of getting their dream college option. 

Now, the failure statistics are different. The Irish Times reports that this year only 2.1% people failed the dreaded Higher Level Maths, compared to 5% last year - the rate has been almost halved since the new grading system. This is what has drawn more students to try Higher Level exams than in previous years. 

Although on the other hand, this could encourage students to slack off as they know they will receive points once they get at least 30% in their exam. While the new system has done wonders for the statistics, we still need a few more years to really see how they affect the students themselves.

If you're one of the many students who are still figuring out their results, get to grips with the new system here. 

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