Our contributor James McGlade headed along to Morning Gloryville to try out an alternative way to kick-start your day.
Mornings are tough. Getting out of bed and being forced to confront the day isn't a remotely enticing prospect. I need encouragement every step of the way. Usually a curt exchange in the Spar on route to college is the most I can hope for. No words are spoken, yet I know that the man behind the counter isn't exactly beaming at this hour either. That mild schadenfreude lessens the load somewhat. A bit evil, admittedly. It's by no means ideal, but no alternative presented itself until last Wednesday.
"Give me a hug," demanded the man in the doorway. I didn't dare refuse him. Barely inside the building, I wasn't prepared for such a warm welcome. Dry shopkeepers had ground down my expectations on what the start of the day could be. That was before Morning Gloryville brought those expectations to new heights.
The monthly event is for people who are daring enough to begin their day in style by hitting the club and dancing while the sun comes up. These people aren't flocking from a night of hardcore partying. No alcohol circulates in the inner sanctum of early risers; club-goers are buzzed purely on the positive vibes that bounce off the walls inside Hangar, a venue formerly known as Andrew's Lane Theatre.
There are beverages on hand for anyone that needs to wash the taste of sleep from their mouth. A luxury smoothie was my weapon of choice; a little treat to celebrate leaving the house shortly after 6am. A cheeky break from the familiar duo of porridge and tea. As devoted as they have been in their service, it didn't seem fitting to wheel them out for an experience that turned routine on its head.
Dancing is a blast, but pulled muscles are no fun. I didn't want to stain the floors with a bloody hamstring so I parked myself on a vacant yoga mat in anticipation of the next session. This was astonishing in itself. There was no coaxing or persuasion involved in getting me to perform stretches and strike a variety of poses. Inhibitions were left at the door. Only natural given the blend of people in this magical realm.
MGV (MorningGloryville) is a pre-work rave. In another age that sentence probably wouldn't make sense, but the modern world thrives upon novelty occasions that allow people to shed their skins momentarily. The diversity between attendees means that students are dancing with business people but all occupations are hidden under a mask of joy. Although it is a slight giveaway when flocks depart ahead of the dreaded 9am toll. For those who aren't ushered to slog it, there is still more than an hour to soak up the positive vibes.
The lads from Lords of Strut act as cheerleaders on stage, applauding you for coming and telling you how magnificent you look in the morning. It's probably a lie but the comedy duo have an energy that is infectious, and before long you're busting moves to club classics like CeCe Peniston's Finally.
It's a good time that's well worth the early rise and admission fee. I was set up nicely to tackle a gloomy Wednesday. It showed. Passers-by were clearly wondering what had me so pepped. Little did they know that when I left the club two fellas told me to have a good day. They meant it too.
You can book tickets to the next Morning Gloryville event which takes place on Wednesday, April 1st by clicking here.