A Galway man stumbled upon a very rare sight while out for a walk over the weekend.

Roundstone native Ronan Davis was only a few hundred yards from his house when he came across the carcass of a killer whale on Dolan beach.

Although it's not rare for locals to  come across washed-up aquatic life, Ronan (32) has never come across one this big.

"Things wash in all the time, last one I remember was a pilot whale. Dolphins end up on the shore a good bit," Ronan said.

"I've figured this one must be around 25 foot. You can find anything on the shore nowadays."

An avid photographer, Ronan took some pictures and videos of his unusual find, which he sent to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG).

Not long afterwards, their Strandings Officer Mick O'Connell confirmed its breed.

"It was a male killer whale. They're neither common nor very rare, but they're out there. You wouldn't see them very often," he told Independent.ie.

He added that they're fish-eating species and are no major threat to people.

If you have a photos or videos of a whale or dolphin that you would like to identify, you can send them to IWDG through their website here.

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