The current video trend about a teenage boy's shoes from California known as “Damn, Daniel” has taken over the internet globally. But why have these Snapchat videos gained such traction? Laura Horan examines why...
If you are one of the few who haven’t seen the video, the video shows Snapchat clips of a boy named Daniel and his outfit each day for several days looking particularly at his shoes. The clips have a humorous voice over of his friend saying “Damn, Daniel”.
Although this video was easy to make and wasn’t made by a famous person or a video blogger, the video still managed to get over 45 million views on Twitter and 3.5 million views on YouTube. 
The video has also been recreated by fans including Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner. 
Daniel from the video is now regarded as a famous figure and has recently been on the Ellen show. 
He has become so prominent that white vans described as “Damn Daniels” have been auctioned off on eBay for over 400,000 euro.
Fourteen year old Daniel explained on the Ellen Show that the videos were “just for fun” and he didn’t realise how much attention it received until he went shopping a couple of days later and 30 to 40 people came up to him asking for pictures. He said he’s overwhelmed and finds it all “crazy”.
The video has become so popular with young people because of its voice overs and some argue that Daniel shouldn’t be the one getting all the credit, as his camera man Josh is the reason why everyone is watching. 
The entertaining voice has students in every classroom everywhere saying, “Back at it again with the white vans”.
The repetition of a name in a funny voice is actually very popular in racking up the YouTube views. 
Similar to the “Damn, Daniel” video, Charlie the Unicorn, a famous YouTube video from 2005, repeatedly says “Charlie” in a hilarious voice over a video of three unicorns. 
Social media like Facebook and Twitter also help trend videos reach bigger audiences, with over 1 billion active accounts between the two and the ability to retweet and share.
Many songs and remixes have been made out of the voice over due to its catchy phrase and are available on sound cloud with a song cover off white vans for many of them. 
Although the video has been a great success there has been no reports from Daniel or Josh on whether or not there will be future videos.