With the hugely anticipated PLL finale airing this week, Aileen O'Leary reviews the top 5 most scandalous moments. Warning: Major Spoilers!
Seven seasons later, 160 episodes, five liars and a whole pile of heartbreak and loss. The show that defined a generation, a cult tv classic that wold keep viewers on the edge of their seat seven years later. Its time to say farewell to Pretty Little liars, and here at Campus.ie we’re looking back at the best moments and most shocking reveals on the show, as well as who A.D might be?
Here are the top five moments and warning: MAJOR SPOILERS!
1. CECE is A!
This was the reveal that rocked the show; not only did we discover who A was but we unearthed an entirely new bag of secrets revolving around Alison and the Dilaurentis family. Cece Drake, aka Charles Dilaurentis, aka Charlotte, was the son of Jessica and Kenneth, Jason and Alison’s sibling, who, after nearly drowning Ali, was sent away to Radley Sanitarium. During this time, Charles meets Bethany Young and trusts her with his secret; Charles wants to become Charlotte, and on the night of Marion Kavanaugh's supposed suicide, Bethany pushes her off the roof and blames Charles. In an effort to protect her child, Mrs Dilaurentis covers up the murder and thus begins the dark ascent into A’s web of lies.
2. Spencer’s mother is Mary Drake.
The show stopper mid-season finale saw Spencer get shot, but before the episode fades to dark, Mary appears by her side revealing that she is, in fact, her birth mother. The story line behind this, which has been explored in recent episodes, is particularly heartbreaking for Spencer and her mother Veronica. After mistaking Mary for Jessica, Peter Hastings discovers Mary (Jessica Dilaurentis’ sister) is pregnant. Yes, Alison’s mom and Spencer’s dad had an affair, which resulted in the birth of Jason Dilaurentis, making Melissa, Spencer and Jason half-siblings. Its even more tragic when we discover Mary gave birth in Radley and was banned from ever seeing her; of course, until she returned to Rosewood and made the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter by taking the fall for a murder that Spencer was involved in.
3. Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby.
Perhaps one of the cruelest things A.D could have done to one of the Liars: impregnating her with her best friend’s eggs. Of course, we are still unsure of the father’s identity but we know the baby is Ali and Emily’s and the young couple are about to navigate the long road ahead of them with their newborn. Showrunner Marlene King has confirmed there will be a 1 year time jump, so odds are we will see a baby in tonight’s finale. We might catch a glimpse of the newborn and maybe a name reveal as well.
4. Aria joined the A team.
The biggest shocker of Season 7: Aria working with A.D, and their minions. Nothing was more disturbing to watch than a liar in a black hoodie. Of course, we know from previous seasons that Spencer and Toby had joined the A team, but this was betrayal. Aria destroyed Ali and Emily’s nursery, planted a recording exposing her father’s intent to kill Mary Drake, and jeopradised her relationship with Ezra when A.D discovered a police report that she intended on filing against Ezra when they broke up years ago.
5. Alison’s alive.
The most shocking reveal of the show: Alison never died, her casket was filled with Bethany Young’s body and the Liar fled Rosewood to escape her tormentor A. During this time, the other Liars experienced what they thought were hallucinations or dreams where Alison visited them. Believing their best friend was dead, the Liars went on with their lives only to be targeted by the same tormentor A. In the season four finale, the girls were reunited and truths were unearthed about some of Rosewoods finest.
And finally my guess as to who A.D might be? Got a secret can you keep it? Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead…
Farewell PLL, your secrets will live on forever. That’s immortality, my darlings.
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