For all you Spanish speakers and party-goers out there, Aisling McEntegart explains why Miami is America’s forgotten city and why you should pay a visit in the near future.
Anyone venturing stateside in the near future should consider spending some time in the beautiful sunny city of Miami, Florida, a vibrant metropolitan that is for some reason often overlooked in favour of locations like New York or San Francisco.
Miami has an exciting range of eclectic possibilities for those seeking to expand their horizons and see a side of the United States that is truly unique.
Most large cities in America have their own individual characteristics, but Miami is in a class of its own in this regard. 
Miami is often solely publicised in the context of its infamous party scene, but this is just one aspect of this multi-faceted city. 
While Miami indeed has a buzzing nightlife, there is so much more to it than that. Let’s be honest, a night club can be found pretty much anywhere. 
Miami radiates a young, energetic and carefree personality. As one of the most newly founded American cities, this is no surprise. It is also the only city in the United States to have been established by a woman. 
The winning combination of a sophisticated urban environment and laid back atmosphere adds further to its charm. 
The culture of Miami has been distinctly shaped by its immigrant population. The Latin influence is tangible throughout Miami. There is a high Cuban American population due to South Florida’s proximity to the island. 
Little Havana is a great place to experience this and grab an authentic Cuban coffee. Spanish speakers can rejoice because Miami is a wonderful place to put your language skills to use.
For those who do wish to experience Miami’s legendary party scene for themselves, some of the top night clubs to check out are Story and LIV.
Celebrities ranging from Miley Cyrus to Drake are frequent visitors. Just remember you must be over 21 years old in order to partake.
The high rise buildings and bustling streets make it seem like New York’s younger, tropical sibling.
Make sure to visit Brickell - a lively financial and business zone, Downtown and the stunning South Beach area. 
The city has a peachy and pastel colour palette which highlights the beachy ambience.
Miami's thriving artistic scene is five star. While you won't find Mona Lisa-esque pieces here, what you will find is high quality modern art which is both striking and profound. 
Miami is like a canvas and much of its art is found on buildings and though it’s architecture. From Art Deco to the Wynwood art district, it brings the city to life. 
When it comes to mobility, the city has public transport in the form of the Metrorail, Metromover and Metrobus, all of which service the key areas of the city. However, it is best to avoid these services late at night.
In terms of packing, remember Miami has a sub-tropical climate. This means do not skimp on a high SPF sun cream and insect repellent. Mosquito bites and sun burn really aren’t a good combination. 
It is advisable to always carry an umbrella due to rain spells that can strike unpredictably. For clothing, think light and breathable. It’s usually pretty bright out, so sunglasses will prevent squinting all day long. 
Pro tip: sandals are pretty much appropriate for any event regardless of formality in South Florida.
A trip to Miami will educate, rejuvenate and entertain. The only downside is that is impossible to see and do everything within a limited number of days or weeks.
As Will Smith puts it in his hit song “Miami”, a tribute to his love of this sub-tropical paradise, “ain't no city in the world like this”.