Want to set up a blog, but don't know how? Amy Mulvaney gives you a quick 5-step guide to help you set up your blog in no time.
Is starting a blog something you’ve thought about for months, but you’re not quite sure how to actually do it? It’s not as complicated as it may seem, and getting one up and running really doesn’t take that long. 
Here’s a quick 5-step, foolproof guide that involves knowing nothing about HTML or SEO. You’ll wonder why you never did this sooner. 
Pick a platform  
You’ll need a platform to host your blog and give you somewhere to publish your content. Wordpress and Blogger are two of the most popular platforms. Have a look around different sites and see which you prefer. 
Choose your name  
Once that’s done, it’s time to sign up. When you’re picking your blog’s URL (eg. www.myblog.com), keep in mind that you’ll probably have that name for quite a while.
Make sure it’s something that you love and that it is relevant to you. It can be specific, eg. carlsfoodblog, or broad, eg. myworld. 
If you’re choosing a URL that’s specific to one area, remember that will restrict your audience. If you want your own domain (www.myblog.com), rather than your platform’s domain (www.myblog.wordpress.com), that will cost extra. 
You can always buy your own URL later when you’re certain that you won’t be changing the name.
Choose your plan 
When you’re signing up, you’ll see that there are different options and plans to choose from. It’s always a good idea to stick with a free plan until you’re sure in what you’re doing. 
This will give you time to learn the basics and get familiar with your site and your style. There’s always time to upgrade later.
Personalise your site  
Most blogging platforms provide ready-made templates, so pick one that you like. If you’re not paying for “premium”, most platforms will have restrictions on how much you can customize them. 
Don’t worry about it; again, there’s no point in paying for something until you’ve found your feet and know you’re serious about your blog.
Publish your first post  
You’ve chosen a platform, picked your name and chosen a template, now all that’s left to do is get writing! 
Of course, your first post can be about anything at all; an introduction to yourself and your site, your favourite recipe, some products you’ve been loving recently – the options are endless. 
Once you hit that publish button you can finally say you have a blog! 
And there you have it - the basics of starting a blog! Keep hitting the publish button and sharing your posts across social media. 
Get to know other bloggers and involve yourself in the blogging community. You’ll know your platform like the back of your hand in no time, and then you can look at buying your own domain, templates and can personalise it even more!