The latest device from HTC looks amazing, but at a price point of just €219, is the HTC Desire 825 all style and lacking substance? We decided to test it out ourselves to find out…
The first thing that struck me about the HTC Desire 825 was its design. The phone is currently available in Ireland in both Graphite Grey and Golden Graphite, with an almost rubber-like, matte finish. As per previous HTC models, it has the staple rounded corners and a flat profile. One thing is for sure – it’s certainly looks the part.
With its generous 5.5” HD display screen, I was surprised about the device’s weight. At just 155 grams, the phone is surprisingly light and has an effective soft grip design. However, I found the screen slightly too big as my thumb could not fit across the whole screen while texting, but that’s just my personal preference and could be due to my evidently small hands!
One thing I always need my phone to do is to allow me to access my emails and to share and send documents easily, especially when the new college year comes around. With its large screen, the HTC Desire 825 enabled me to flick through my emails seamlessly, alongside viewing and editing Word Docs and Excels with ease. Plus, with 4G LTE built in, I was able to send a wide range of docs and large files quickly and without any hassle.
For this reason, I believe the HTC Desire 825 is a life saver for any student, because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than trying to send an essay two minutes before the deadline and your Wi-Fi suddenly disappears!
The device’s emphasis on style is evident throughout, not only with its sleek design, but with its emphasis on customisation as well. There is also a two tone snap on case available, which splits into separate parts, alongside over 25,000 themes that enable you to change your device’s colour scheme and background based on your favourite photos, providing for a truly unique, personalised experience.
However, the HTC Desire 825’s main selling point is its impressive audio capabilities. With its HTC BoomSound speakers, Dolby Audio™ technology and dual microphone with noise cancellation, it makes for a dynamic and rich music experience. Afraid you’ll sleep through your alarm for your 9am lecture? Don’t worry, the sheer quality of the audio from the HTC Desire 825 will have you up in no time!
Plus, listening to songs through its loudspeakers was a joy to say the least for a music lover like myself. A device that is the perfect party starter at pre-drinks, and will help you achieve that ever elusive golden week? Where do we sign up!
Specs wise, the HTC Desire 825 is powered by a Snapdragon 400 chipset with 2GB RAM and 16 GB of internal, expandable storage – so don’t worry about having to go through the treacherous task of deleting your favourite selfies to clear up some storage space!
After downloading various apps including Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook, it was clear that the phone handles general multitasking and various programmes quite easily, with no evidence of lag to be found. However, I will admit that I didn’t download any more demanding apps.
So what about the camera I hear you ask? Well the device hosts a 13MP main camera and built-in BSI sensors, alongside a 5MP front facing camera. While the quality of the main camera is fine, the front facing camera is the true winner with its unique features including an Auto Selfie and Voice Selfie Mode, allowing you to take a photo without having to press a button – that will definitely make our quest for the perfect selfie all that bit easier!
Overall, the HTC Desire 825 certainly delivers. With its very reasonable price point, unique camera features and dynamic style, the phone is certainly geared towards the student and youth market. However, the device’s audio quality and big sound is the real selling point here. HTC is renowned for producing excellent smartphones and the HTC Desire 825 certainly won’t disappoint.
The HTC Desire 825 currently retails at a prepay price of €219 in Meteor, Three and Carphone Warehouse stores nationwide. Visit for more information.