Our Technology Editor Kevin Kelly takes a look at the latest installment of the classic Guitar Hero series.
People go through stages of the types of games they play. College-bound students lean towards Grand Theft Auto, in secondary school it’s Call of Duty, and before that you have your FIFAs and racing games.
The one game that seems to transcend ages is Guitar Hero. All ages can grab one of the guitar controllers or drum kits and be the rock star they want to be. Don’t deny wanting to be a rock star, we all do, it’s nature.
Activision Blizzard has announced a brand new version of Guitar Hero, five years since its last iteration. Called Guitar Hero Live, the game finally brings the series to the newest generation consoles, the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. 
The new game features the same time tested and trusted gameplay of past games, with fancy new graphics thanks to the power of the new consoles.
The screen becomes a realistic stage that you walk out on to as the song starts. You see the adoring crowd cheering you on, then the familiar lines appear on the screen and it’s time to start playing.
The guitar controller has been updated along with the game software. Gone are the traditional five coloured clicky buttons on the top of the fret, now there are six buttons between three frets, coloured black and white. That’s a big change for the legacy Guitar Hero player, and Activision hopes you’ll adapt quickly.
Possibly the new killer feature, or what’s likely to be branded that way, is Guitar Hero TV. It’s essentially a music channel akin to MTV (or at least what MTV use to be) where the music videos on screen also feature the guides on-screen to play along. 
You can also play live with people around the world. Jamming with someone in Tokyo to Taylor Swift is now entirely possible.
It’s good to see the old classics still get some love in the game world. Guitar Hero is back and it is leading the way for childhood classics that are making their big comeback. 
I’ll be keeping an eye on others coming soon, such as Star Wars: Battlefront. Here’s hoping that EA won’t screw that up.