Tried and tested, our app of the week will never have you late for an appointment or lecture again...
While it may be acceptable to miss the odd lecture or fourteen in your first year of college, missed material can build up in a bad way. 
ShakeIt-Alarm is what pasta is to cooking for students - a survival tool.
This app is free to download from the Google Play Store. Users can choose from four settings: shouting, touch, random or shaking. 
Gone are the days of simply pressing a button to quieten your alarm tone. 
And yes, in case you are in disbelief regarding the nature of this alarm, you indeed have to either roar or shake your phone in order to silence it. 
The app caters for whatever flavor lazy you are; there is a choice of vibrating or volume levels to accompany what ever shake or shout you choose. 
Touch on the other hand requires you to simply swipe your phone screen repeatedly. And if all else fails, the app will send a message of your choice to a number from your phone-book.  
Whichever setting you choose, you can then select an easy, intermediate or difficult level. 
I bet you're almost sorry you read this review. I can faithfully say that I have never missed an appointment or lecture as a result of this app. You simply cannot stay asleep. 
Just take care when selecting the time of this alarm, or you will find yourself in the same situation as myself in the middle of a lecture, shaking your phone like a crazy person as it vibrates persistently for more than sixty seconds. 
This is a strong recommendation for college students who need that extra push out of bed in the morning in the absence of a scolding parent.