Amidst the rumours and speculation surrounding McGregor's future in the UFC, Oisin McQueirns wonders if there is a place for The Notorious One in the WWE.
At around 7:30pm last Tuesday evening Conor McGregor sent UFC fans and media outlets around the world into meltdown after sending out a tweet apparently announcing his retirement. 
UFC president Dana White addressed the situation a few hours later on ESPN’s Sportscenter saying that he doesn’t know if the featherweight champion of the world has retired, but he certainly won’t be fighting at UFC 200. However rumours emerged today that McGregor will in fact fight Diaz at UFC 200. 
So we know (or so it seems) that The Notorious One may in fact be fighting Nate Diaz on July 9th, but if he did retire, where could he go from here? Could his future be in the wild world of professional wrestling? Stranger things have happened.
The rumours of McGregor’s involvement with the WWE first began a couple of weeks ago when, on the weekend of their biggest event of the year Wrestlemania, he followed WWE’s executive power couple Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s son Shane, and current Irish wrestler Becky Lynch. 
There was also heavy speculation that he would show up at the marquee event. Bookmaker Paddy Power even stopped taking bets on him appearing at the AT&T Stadium that Sunday night in Dallas.
Despite this however, he did not make an appearance at Wrestlemania and all talk of his involvement with Vince McMahon’s company ceased. 
Except now that he is seemingly retired, fans are beginning to associate the two once again. The official WWE Twitter account followed McGregor the day after the announcement and ran a number of stories about the featherweight champion on their website.
The likelihood of McGregor becoming a WWE superstar is admittedly slim, but when you think about it, Conor McGregor and the world of professional wrestling might not be such a bad fit.
For a start, the Dublin fighter has already perfected the art of trash-talking. Or as it’s known in the wrestling business “cutting a promo”. 
For the last 3 years McGregor has verbally obliterated each and every one of his opponents, whilst at the same time promoting each of his fights to make them must see in the process. 
A simple formula which is key to both the UFC and the WWE’s product. When McGregor starts talking any promoter can’t help but see dollar signs.
Conor McGregor the person is also an exceptionally entertaining character in itself. In a sense he would have to change nothing about his appearance or his mannerisms to fit in. 
He is over the top at times, but that is a trait which suits professional wrestling to the ground. The lavish Louis Copeland suits, the designer sunglasses, the obsession with money. 
The Notorious One is already the quintessential bad guy, so being bland is not something McGregor would have to worry about.
Another thing that McGregor has going for him is the fact that having a UFC background means that despite his height and weight disadvantage you could probably still buy him as a legitimate threat inside the ring. 
He’s a celebrity who’d bring new viewers to WWE programming, while he also has the unique advantage of actually being able to fight. For the role he would likely play, which would not consist of very many actual wrestling matches, the basics would be sufficient.
For now, at least we can only speculate, but even a brief Conor McGregor run in the WWE may suit both parties involved. WWE get more eyes on their product and McGregor gets a truckload of money? 
That sure sounds like a good fit to me.