Is women's sport on the up? Sinéad Farrelly finds out what DIT are doing to promote their women's teams...

That is also the case here in DIT with record numbers of females signing up to sports clubs, the most female captains we have ever seen in the college and the introduction of a woman to the athletic council.

Just last week, DIT’s ladies soccer team took home the Division 1 A league title and the senior camogie team are en route to a league final of their own. However, this is not entirely unusual for DIT’s female athletes to be holding their own on a national level.

Last year the camogie team reached the final of the league, the ladies basketball team won Division 2 and gained promotion, and countless athletes have represented county and country on even higher stages.

DIT’s Sports Office has a strong female presence with a female Head of sport, Sinéad McNulty, as well as senior sports officers Caragh O’Buachalla and Niamh O’Callaghan working closely with the clubs within the college.

Caragh is particularly thrilled with the increase in female memberships in DIT saying that all the feedback that she has gotten from captains and coaches has all been hugely positive so far.

The Athletic council in DIT has notoriously been a ‘boys club’ with very little female representation in recent years, however, this year culinary arts student Niamh Durkin stepped up to be the voice of female sports and joined the council.

“I know from my personal experience, coming from a male dominated sport as my background, when I’d chat with the sports office about wanting more girls they were so supportive."

Coming from a background in rock climbing, and having captained the DIT mountaineering club, Niamh is very passionate about representing both female athletes as well as those from minority sports.

“In my past three years being involved with sport in DIT, I would definitely say that DIT do an awful lot to promote and encourage women in sport. In the past two years, being Captain of a club, and this year being on the Athletic Council I have been quite closely involved with sports office and I want to say that I think that everyone in the sports office like Caragh, Niamh and Sinéad are really trying so hard to run programmes and support every action for girls to get more involved.

“I know from my personal experience, coming from a male dominated sport as my background, when I’d chat with the sports office about wanting more girls they were so supportive, and really recognised that at sports awards last year. [DIT mountaineering club won minority club of the year]

“That was an achievement we as a club worked so hard for last year and with three girls on our committee last year, and again this year we doubled our female membership and sports office recognized that as a big achievement for our club.” She said.

Niamh is passionate about more women becoming involved with sports at all levels, from memberships to committee positions and right up to the Athletic Council.

She believes that DIT is a great place for women to try and become more involved with sports and that there is a lot of support for females looking to try something new.

“I was encouraged to get on Athletic Council this year, and I’m so glad I did. I’m the only girl on the council , and I’m really proud to be able to represent women and a voice for women in sport in DIT.

Courtesy of DIT's Independent college newspaper, the Edition