LIKE many other things sexuality has developed immensely over the years.

While no one really knows who started the idea of sex, it obviously happened… a lot! But was it any different a thousand years ago compared to today? Most importantly, did they know anything we don’t? Let’s look at some of the funniest, weirdest and especially grossest facts from the history of sex, as we once knew it.

Contraception has definitely come a long way since the 19thcentury. In the 1800s, women believed that pregnancy could be prevented by applying crocodile dung and honey to their lady parts before sex. Makes you appreciate the long waits to see the doctor to get the pill, doesn’t it?

Today, we use sex toys for when us ladies are going through a dry spell or just to spice up the ‘aul sex life. But in the 19thcentury, vibrators were actually used to recognise and treat the symptoms of Hysteria in women.

The original condoms were made from animal intestines and linen.  I think that would be preferable to crocodile dung, at least.

In the Victorian days, prostitutes wore pubic wigs to conceal STDs such as genital warts or syphilis, kind of like old school vajazzles.

Not a virgin when you got married in 953? Princess Olga of Russia decided to pass a law that allowed men to “return” their wives (by either monetary or material means) if they found out they were more up to date with fornicating than they had anticipated. Oh how the times change!

In the 12thcentury, love and marriage were very different ideals compared to today.

In a book entitled “The Art of Courtly Love”, it was a rule that true love was nothing to do with marriage; it was merely a business arrangement.

In 1950, the ladies needs were finally recognised when Dr. Ernest Grafenburg founded the G-spot. This was also the founding moment when it was discovered that females could actually ejaculate, as well as men.

So, there you have it, some of the most bizarre and interesting facts of sex from the past. It’s pretty safe to say that women these days have it a lot better than our ancestors. One of the biggest developments has definitely got to be that we no longer need to use condoms made of animal intestines. Three cheers for latex!