In the aftermath of the Christmas, one student is worried that he doesn't have enough clothes from the brand to get him through the semester...

A young fresher’s student has expressed his concern over the amount of Hollister clothes he got for Christmas.

The young man who is a student at The University of Limerick wishes to remain nameless but has appealed to other students to respond to this statement "Are three Hollister track suit bottoms and two Hollister hoodies enough to make sure everyone thinks I'm rich, play rugby and hail from Galway?"

The statement comes as Week 1 of Semester 2 fast approaches. The young man has also expressed concern over not having any Hollister t-shirts.

He explained how he asked his sister to get him one for Christmas but she thought he was pathetic. He accepts that he will never be able to remove his hoodie regardless of the weather.

"A penneys t-shirt just doesn't cut it on campus, unless you want everyone to think you're from the midlands" the concerned student added.

More uncertainty arises as the young man confessed that he doesn't plan to do his own washing during the week, but will return to Clare every weekend with a bag of clothes for his mother to wash. This will mean extra rotation of the Hollister clothes during the week.

You can comment below with your opinion - Are two Hollister hoodies and three Hollister track suits enough to get a struggling Clare youth through education?​