Having only one language can limit us terribly - there are so many concepts that English doesn't allow us to describe, and so many times we must explain ourselves, when another language has already summed it up in one handy word.
So here are fifteen words that, considering that we are now well into 2015, would really come in useful in the English language in this day and age;
1 Prozvonit - Czech
The verb "to flash" in English, this is actually the word for making a phone call and letting it ring just once, so that the other person must call you back and save you from spending call credit.  Crafty.  Student budgeting, right?
2 Iktsuarpok - Inuit
The frustration you feel when waiting for someone to turn up - probably someone who is always late, which is most of us in Ireland, all the time.
3 Age-otori - Japanese
To look worse after a haircut.  Because “sure what’s the worst that could happen” is a terrible attitude towards those “models wanted” free haircuts offered in hairdresser windows.
4 Jayus - Indonesian 
A joke so terrible and badly told, that you can't help yourself but laugh anyway.  Easy to remember too, as it also sounds a lot like “jaysus”, as in “jaysus, that was a woeful.”
5 Tartle - Scottish English
The hesitation in speech whilst introducing someone whose name you have forgotten - there are a few hundred people on campus, it happens; especially when we make so many new best friends in bathroom queues on any given Thursday night.  
6 Glincín - Irish
We all know one; someone who is forever talking about themselves.  Probably loudly enough for the entire Arts block to hear about them, too.
7 Gattara - Italian
Considering all the cat memes, and crazy cat ladies and singletons-buying-cats jokes, a word for a lonely woman who keeps and feeds stray cats would surely be a linguistic win for the Internet, no?
8 Tsundoku - Japenese
Bookworms' guilt: "allowing books to pile up after buying and leaving them unread".  How many extortionately expensive college books are left untouched 11 months of the year?
9 Vershlimmbessern - German
To try to fix or improve something, only to make it worse.  Definitely appropriate in many student houses. “Sure the landlord’ll never notice that’s a traffic cone holding up the kitchen table.”
10 Backpfeifengesich - German
"A face badly in need of a fist."  There’s always that one guy.
11 Pochemuchka - Russian
A person who asks too many questions.  Same person may aslo sit too close to the front of the lecture hall and save the longest-winded question for the last minute of the lecture.
12 Bakkushan - Japenese
A little harsh, this describes a girl who looks beautiful, as long as you are seeing her only from behind.. 
13 Abbiocco - Italian
A single, lovely word for what we call a "food coma".
14 Schnapsidee - German
One of those ingenious plans you concoct whilst drunk. Are they always ingenious when you have sobered up though?
15 Friolero - Spanish
Someone who is especially sensitive to the cold.  Similar to sniotar as Gaeilge, which I also came across recently - someone who looks cold; wrapped up in lots of clothes.  Is it true that Irish girls are always “freezin’”? ‘cause, though I would love to be a Disney Frozen princess, the cold really does bother me anyway.