It has been scientifically proven that men love false eyelashes, high heels and hair extensions...
For years, men have been trying to figure out what women want. Mel Gibson answered all those questions in one Hollywood blockbuster. But what about what men want? 
Women think they know all the answers but scientists have identified a few things that seem to be forgotten about when it comes to the almighty question, “What do men want in a woman?” 
Contrary to popular belief, men actually love make-up. The more the woman wears the better. If you look like a completely different person without make-up, then you’re sure to have boys chasing after you. Guys love the surprise of not recognising the girl they’ve woken up next to - trust me.
Lads love when girls wear really badly applied false eyelashes too. It gives them a run for their money when trying to figure out your eye colour. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that boys love the chase? 
The general consensus on lip gloss is an overwhelming yes. When a guy gives you a kiss, they really want to feel that sticky, shimmery residue all over their own lips afterwards. It reminds them of how good the kiss was.
Another thing guys hate to admit they love is hair extensions. They adore when you turn your head around and all that’s visible is some artificial hair trying to escape from the back of your scalp. The best part about hair extensions is when a girl feels comfortable enough to whip them off in front of the lad - that always goes down a treat. 
There is one thing that can be a bit of a hit or miss when it comes to what men want in women – fake tan. If you can give your body a subtle glow without ending up with luminous orange hands, then unfortunately, you will more than likely die alone. Men love orange. 
Orange legs, orange feet, orange knuckles and they especially love the build-up of colour on rough skin. They’re even partial to the odd streak or line under your jaw where the tan stops. Guys may give out about the orange mark you’ll leave on their white shirts, but that’s just their skills of reverse psychology.
But ladies, if it is a lad you’d like to attract, then make sure you don’t shower after applying gradual tan. That pungent curry-like smell that stings the nostrils is similar to pheromones excreted by animals to attract the opposite sex. You’d be crazy to want to wash that odour off.
By golly do boys love girls in high-heels. Not only do they make you stand taller and your legs look thinner, but when you walk in a way that resembles Bambi taking her first steps - boys love that. 
They love to feel needed. They like helping you, holding your handbag, catching you after your consistent stumbling and wiping the dirt off your scraped knees after you inevitably fall. 
This kind of carry on will attract men from afar. Because women seem so independent on a regular basis, it’s important for men to feel wanted on a night out. It really boosts their confidence.
Lastly, boys love perfume. If you don’t have access to fake tan smell, then just douse yourself in perfume. Men love when you walk past them and your Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ is so overpowering that it inhibits their breathing for a second. They love when they kiss your neck and the taste of far too much perfume on your skin stings their tongue. 
But don’t worry, as we here at Campus are money conscious, we don’t want you fretting if you can’t afford the perfume you love. Before heading on that important date, girls, get down to your closest pharmacy and have a go of all the perfume testers. Whack as many different smells as you can all over yourself and you’re guaranteed to secure yourself a man.