From Michael O'Leary making major dollar this year to Scary Spice taking herself too seriously, here is what you need to know this week.
If like me you have been cruelly dragged from the warmest of beds out into the deep freeze, you may want something to discuss with your colleagues, friends or the last remaining family members you had successfully avoided over the Christmas, till today.  
The Real Victims this Christmas
Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has once again been mouthing off about the Premier League Christmas fixtures.  He explained that 48 hours is not long enough for players to rest between games.  We’ll all have to excuse LVG; oxygen levels are different on whatever planet he is on.  These are men who are paid a noticeable amount of money per week to play football.  Saying that two full days between these footballing activities isn’t enough rest time must be slightly annoying to people who work every day, you know, the vast majority of the rest of the world (other than students but that’s a separate point entirely).
Scary indeed
Scary Spice of Spice Girls fame has been accused of taking herself far too seriously, an accusation that is wholly grounded after her appearance on Big Fat Quiz of the Year.  For a woman who made her name being the mental one in a girl band, you’d think she’d be game for a laugh.  Immense awkwardness ensued throughout the night, which was only made acceptable by the wonderful John Snow’s musical interlude during the show.  It appears that much like singing talent, a sense of humour was not something Mel B was blessed with.
An unlikely protester
Liam Neeson has said he has reconsidered a plan to come home due to water charges, the it’s not you it’s me of excuses from the Antrim native.   Really Liam, you make a bajillion dollars a year, couldn’t spare a few quid to pay for a drop of water?  
Tough at the Top
Michael O’Leary, the man who brings you to an airfield, just a short 4-hour bus journey away from where you want to be, made lots of money last year.  The Ryanair boss made a little over €1.7m with a noticeable return on shares on top of that.  That will warm the heart of every New Year’s Eve traveller who is forced to wear 6 jumpers to avoid extra baggage costs wont it?
Tourists, pack all of your clothes
Irish weather has been even more unpredictable than normal of late.  Once the cold snap hit, Irish grannies in their droves declared that it would be like this until July.  Alas not, the good people at Met Eireann have said that temperatures on New Year’s Day might be as high as 12 degrees.  Knowing Ireland, they almost certainly wont be, expect 20 degree heat with snow. 
What’s another year
I think we may be out of the woods, after the turkey sandwiches, curries and soups, we can all officially revert to the opinion that everyone has for the other 361 days a year, that turkey is a not nice version of chicken.  Once a year we all try to make our kitchen table look like the one on TV, with the bird in pride of place.  If it was so nice then why do we only eat it once a year?  Stop the madness and make two hams instead… excuse me while I go make a sandwich.  
On that happy note, a very Happy New Year to one and all, try to make this New Year’s Eve one you can remember, the next day.