Happy Monday folks, he said optimistically. Here are 5 of this week’s lighter stories to make this Monday seem slightly more acceptable, or at least distract you from how awful it is.
Good Hustle Man
Robbie Keane has continued his rich vein of scoring form for LA Galaxy by scoring this weekend in his team’s win against Chicago Fire. Can we all just take a moment to recognise the brilliance of all the names of teams in the MLS.…. Back to Keane, the Tallaght man must have been delighted to have started the season so well at his 12th professional club, luckily for him, playing for each of them was his childhood dream.
Call Tom Maybe
Two-time Oscar winner and all round nice guy Tom Hanks has starred in Carly Rae Jepsen’s (yep, still around) new music video.  The Call Me Maybe star’s new song can only be described as a lyrical masterpiece, featuring the word really 6 times in a row in the chorus.  We can laugh at the cheesy premise and bad lyrics, but as soon as you hear it, it will be stuck in your head until you like it. Don’t ask me why, but Call Me Maybe was hardly a well-written master-class in song writing either was it?  
A Not So Fine Vintage
A bottle of wine recovered from a ship that sank in 1864 off the coast of Bermuda has been sampled at a food festival in South Carolina. What may not be a huge surprise is that the ancient tipple was slightly past it’s best with the judges saying it tasted an awful lot like seawater. Can’t imagine why, not as if it was in the ocean for 150 years or anything.  Saying that, I can’t imagine it tastes any worse than that €4 bottle of vino that you end up buying for pre-dinks.  
Time for Some Shady Business
A security firm has launched a pair of invisibility glasses.  Though it may conjure up thoughts of Harry Potter’s cloak or an endless game of where did I put my glasses, the idea behind the lenses are to protect the wearer’s online privacy.  The glasses use LED lights to block facial recognition software.   While this probably works very well, does any potential wearer not run the risk of being known as the guy with the very bright specs?  I’m throwing out a guess that having glasses covered in LED lights will make them instantly more recognisable?  It should be said that the technology is very much in its infancy and will not be on sale to the general pubic for the foreseeable future.  
Long Live Rock and Roll
A machine that can turn even the most untalented novice into a digital one-man band has received a huge backing on Kickstarter.  The ‘instrument’ can be used as a guitar, violin, bass, piano and drum machine and connects to your smartphone or tablet.  Like a normal instrument, owners can learn songs as they go, improve with time and become nowhere near as good as their idols they are trying to emulate.  It seems like a really cool idea, but I’m not sure how rock and roll a piece of plastic connected via Bluetooth to your phone is. Not exactly The Who is it?