If like me you stayed up late to watch the Oscars last night, you may be even wearier than an average Monday. Here are 4 of this week’s lighter, and one of this week’s heavier stories that hasn’t been given enough coverage.
Yeezus Has Spoken
Kanye never bores, you have to give that to him.  Mr West has spoken for the first time about a video game he is launching based on his late mother.  He has been working on it for 6 months and no release date was mentioned.  Kanye neglected to go into great detail, sufficed to say, it will be much like Kanye West, confused, loud and constantly interrupting Taylor Swift, somehow.   
Holiday Plans Ruined
North Korea has announced that it won’t be allowing foreign athletes participate in its annual marathon.  This prompted the question; does North Korea have 26 miles of road? 
 Anyway, the official line is that there are fears over foreigners bringing in Ebola, as if those poor people don’t have enough issues.  The real reason of course is that the Koreans want to keep it a secret that their supreme ruler can run 26 miles in under a minute.  
You laugh now but just you wait till the Olympics, a 20 stone Korean running a marathon in 50 seconds is a sight to behold.  We saw what they did to Sony, we firmly believe that this is possible, all praise Kim Jong-un…..sort of. 
Glitz, Glamour and Rita Ora
Despite RTÉ not screening the Oscars till tonight, the red carpet was rolled out for the fanciest of all the awards ceremonies last night in Hollywood.  Taking home the shiny gold men were Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore, J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette with Birdman winning Best Picture and Best Director.  
Neil Patrick Harris officiated the event and was as entertaining as ever.  Normally I loathe any discussion of best and worst dressed but Rita Ora merits special mention for the worst dress or lack of dress in some time.  Ms. Ora took the less is more attitude way too seriously and opted for a sheer outfit that left little to the imagination, not the classiest of gowns for such a star studded bash.  
Down with that sort of thing, careful now.  
Remember we all thought Pope Francis was going to be the savior of the Catholic Church?  He came down from the clouds like a liberal Argentinian Jesus.  The illusion has washed away and we are left with a man, with many attitudes found in the 19th century.  
His parents obviously neglected to tell him when he was younger that if he didn’t have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all.  This was shown in abundance when discussing the transgender community last week.  
The pontiff compared transgender people to nuclear war.  His link between these two ideas, that “they do not recognize the order of creation”.  Shall we run through the list of atrocities carried out by the Catholic Church over the past thousand years in alphabetical order and compare them to someone living their life they way they see fit?  Perhaps it would be best if the Pope opted out of commenting on such issues in the future.  
All aboard who’s coming aboard
After a week where Chelsea FC fans further disgraced themselves, hard as it is to believe, West Ham fans have added some much needed humour to the situation.  Parodying the disgraceful scenes on the Paris Metro where Chelsea fans refused to allow a black passenger on the train, West Ham fans have produced a how to guide of how to treat your fellow passenger.